Business cases

Business cases

A business case provides a robust rationale for undertaking any project, programme or portfolio of work. Aligned to service models and the direction of your organisation, business cases explore the case for change and all potential solutions, assessing the risks, costs, viability, and deliverability of each option to arrive at the right answer for your organisation.

Developing a robust business case will be vital in the race to secure resources where there is limited capital available.

Instead of searching for the best business cases template, outsourcing can provide you with focus and pace in the creation of your business cases. It also provides an independent review, allowing your estate’s team to focus on the operational job in hand.

We have a large team qualified to HM Treasury Green Book Practitioner standard for Better Business Cases™. Whether you are writing a business case to support a demand for a new NHS service or re-evaluating your education resources to create a better experience for students, our business case experience spans multiple sectors, including health, local government and education.

As an estates planning consultant, we work with you to understand your organisation’s context and critical success factors and apply a methodical approach to arrive at the right answer, and importantly, bringing your stakeholders along with the process.

We have a raft of experience providing business cases to the NHS and local authorities, in particular, helping them develop the support they need to transform their health and social care estate. We are listed on the national Pagabo Professional Services framework, to allow you easy access to procuring our market-tested services.

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