Estate Performance Tracker

Estate Performance Tracker

Estate Performance Tracker

CLIENT: Humber Coast and Vale STP
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  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Results
  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Results

The report submission formed part of a national reporting process that all 44 areas were requested to submit however our clients were the only team in the country to be automating their report submission and producing electronic versions, therefore, this set restrictions on how and what could be developed as the output had to be in a standardised national template. Working with this template format proved difficult as there were large amounts of data to display in one on-screen table which on paper might be displayed across multiple pages.

• Tight deadlines – The timescales allowed no room for movement in the submission deadline and tool had to be designed, developed, populated and submitted in the same time that other areas had to simply produce their manually report submission.

• Changing behaviours – the client had historically been used to undertaking repetitive and time consuming manual data collection and report submission exercises, therefore, an effort had to be made to encourage users to update their estate data more regularly in order to avoid the unnecessary, lengthy processes and see the impact that the continuous data updates had towards the set KPI’s.

• The task to modernise and digitise the estate data initially seemed daunting and difficult to implement as data was widespread, inaccurate and in some cases not readily available.

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  • Central platform – one single depository for information.
  • Facilitates different user types at an organisational, regional or national level to access, manage and edit their own estate data and performance.
  • Streamlines reporting processes and provides a way for progress against KPI targets to be measured and summarised in a simple dashboard.
  • The tool removes the need for repetitive data collection and allows users to make updates as changes occur rather than annually to maintain a current dataset reducing both data collection and auditing time.
  • With increasing pressures on organisations to reduce running costs, improve utilisation and performance of their operational estate our Estate Performance Tracker helps to highlight the largest opportunities for efficiency savings.
  • Modernise and digitise your estate data to help take a proactive approach to improve your estate.
  • Original methods of data collection and submission were lengthy and repetitive and it was difficult to track collective progress with the datasets held in multiple places. The estate performance tracker tool provides a single platform for estate data that can be accessed by different users with appropriate permission levels to efficiently access the data.
  • Allows you to track estate performance over time against set KPI targets. Strategic direction is aligned at a local, regional and national level by prioritisation of capital projects and disposals for the largest impact on estate efficiency.
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Checkpoint submission reports are now automatically populated in the approved report formats required by NHSE/I and can be printed and submitted directly from the estate performance tracker tool.

Data is more reliable at any given point throughout the year as users can update the elements of data they are responsible for continuously rather than waiting to be asked for the updates on an annual basis by leads who are responsible for submitting update reports.

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