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Space Utilisation

Having an accurate understanding of how you’re using your space is vital in the estates planning process.

To gain a true account, we use motion sensor technology to monitor room usage, while holding discussions with building occupiers to understand their day to day service delivery plans and future direction.

This unique approach of analysing both data sets allows us to appreciate how well you’re using your space and provide guidance about the best way forward.

We’ve developed this technique exclusively with technology experts to ensure you’re at the forefront of innovation in the estates planning field.

As part of the national AVP Framework, we provide strategic advice, development and delivery services to the NHS and local authorities in particular who want to transform their health and social care estates for the better.

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We’ve been working with the team to explore the options for the sites and gather the thoughts of stakeholders. We’re now working through a number of feasible options.

Philip Callow, Head of Asset and Property Management City of York Council May 5, 2016

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