Space Management

Effective management of space is key to getting the best value from your estate by promoting accountability on how your properties are being used.  Shared Agenda’s proven track record in space management provides a bespoke service with our easy to use online system Shared Space to browse and make bookings.

Through our experience of space management in multi-use buildings we continually improve and streamline our service offer, which is bespoke to each customer.

Choice of services:

  • Booking management – facilitated by our easy to use web based booking system Shared Space, end users can browse bookable buildings and rooms, search for availability and make booking requests for one-off or recurring bookings. Our team are also available on the phone should users have a query or prefer to talk to someone.  Shared Space clearly sets out the building information with maps and photographs to help users select the most suitable space.
  • Booking cost/recharge reporting – Shared Space produces cost reports which can help inform invoicing for use of bookable space. The team can formulate bespoke reports in line with the client’s requirements, making invoicing easy for recharges to third party users.
  • Booking analysis – monitoring booking rates and tracking trends is really useful for estate and service planning. A range of information can be analysed to identify the most popular room types or service users.  This is particularly helpful for comparing building to building, estate to estate and year to year.
  • One-off building utilisation survey – having an accurate understanding of how space is used is vital in the estates planning process. Motion sensor technology is used on a temporary installation basis to monitor utilisation over a specified time period, along with discussions with building occupiers to understand day to day service delivery.  This unique approach of analysing both data sets allows us to identify how well your estate is being used and provide guidance about the best way forward.
  • Ongoing utilisation monitoring – flexible space is becoming a popular way to increase utilisation of buildings, which can be supported by a permanent sensor installation to continuously monitor usage levels. Although it is informative to track booking rates, utilisation data is the most valuable information because it shows actual usage rather than intended usage.  Data can be used to track how well space is being used and to identify trends, such as the most or least popular buildings and space types.
  • Booking & Utilisation analysis – using both of these services together facilitates the efficient management of flexible space by having a controlled booking system whereby end users are registered and bookings are approved. This works in conjunction with the sensor data to compare bookings to actual utilisation.  This information, produced by Shared Space, identifies bookings which are not being well used by percentage grouping.  This can help give leverage to encourage better use of space by challenging the users of the most poorly used booked sessions. The sensor data also identifies unauthorised use where space is being used without a booking.  Regular occurrences of unauthorised use can be tracked by Shared Space so users can be challenged to either make a booking or cease unauthorised use.

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