A new development in the heart of the community

  • Service: New developments
  • Client: NHS Hull

High levels of health inequalities and outdated GP premises focused NHS Hull on developing a new approach to serve the West Hull locality. The current health provision was delivered from several premises across the area that were in serious need of refurbishment. The challenge was to address the health needs of the area by providing highly visible services in an easily accessible location, encouraging people to take proactive management of their own health. The fragmented nature of several premises and services required a coordinated and targeted approach to create a holistic solution.

A detailed appraisal process highlighted the preferred solution of creating a new health and wellbeing centre on Hessle Road, integrating GP practices, community services, mental health services and community space under one roof. This provided a community hub that contained a wide range of primary health care services in a purpose built, accessible and visible location within the heart of the community.

At a strategic estates level, the development of the scheme enabled the vacation and disposal of several unfit properties with large backlog maintenance requirements, accessibility issues and ultimately below standard specification for clinical premises.

The development of the scheme took place during an unprecedented time of change in the NHS as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The project team engaged with over 20 key influencers, as well as the practices, patient groups and wider community to develop and gain approval to proceed during a time of political uncertainty.

Value for money was a crucial objective therefore a rigorous value engineering methodology was adopted and implemented at every stage. This focused on utilising effective design, materials and methods of construction coupled with lessons learnt from previous schemes to provide consistent high quality and sustainability at minimum cost.

At a practical level, the design and construction presented the team with the challenge of co-ordinating two land purchases from separate owners. The site was brownfield, so the team had to work with significant legacy issues and develop an integrated solution that maximised

the use of the existing substructure with new piles added where required. A final engineering challenge was to create a sustainable drainage and flood attenuation system that would minimise the risk of flooding main sewers during times of heavy rainfall.

From day one the scheme engaged heavily with the local community, including local businesses, ensure they were brought along with the project, this included holding consultation events, tours and visits.

A time capsule was buried and several new trees were planted by school children. The centre’s artwork and name was influenced by the local community through consultation meetings and competitions in the local media.

The name of the Centre pays homage to two local pastors that supported the Hessle Road fishing community when lives were lost at sea.

Elliott Chappell Health centre was delivered on time, on budget and without defects or reportable accidents. The building provides several services including three GP practices, a wide range of community services, mental health services and a pharmacy serving over 23,000 patients. The scheme achieved many other positive outcomes including:

Regeneration of a brownfield site to provide a modern health hub in the community to promote health and wellbeing of the community.

Great engagement throughout, with a local competition to decide on the name for the centre and influenced the centre’s artwork.

A pharmacy unit was included in the development to providing third party income further improving value for money to the public sector.

Flood attenuation and rainwater harvesting combined into one sustainable system providing water to flush all W/C’s.

Several sustainability features such as an automatic BMS, photovoltaic panels, solar pre heat and high efficiency air source heat pumps.

20 additional car parking spaces provided for general public use and local traders.