Creating a fit for purpose facility

  • Service: Project management and construction delivery
  • Client: NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group

As part of supporting NHS Hull’s CCG’s clinical services strategy and ensuring the best value from the public purse, the Calvert Centre was identified as a building that could be utilised more effectively following changes in how the local authority delivered services in the building.

Work over recent months with various stakeholders to identify the most effective solution to maximise the use of existing public estate, create cost savings and meet the clinical services strategy. This identified that the Evolve Eating Disorder service run by City Health Care Partnership CIC would realise many benefits from relocating into the modern and fit for purpose Calvert Centre to serve its Hull & East Riding patients.

To enable the maximum benefit meant a rapid design development and construction period to create homely but very functional and flexible accommodation required to give patients the best environment was required.

To facilitate Evolve relocating, the space previously occupied by Hull City Council will undergo an internal reconfiguration and refurbishment to create a fit for purpose environment for the therapy based outpatient service.

Utilising a new light touch variation approach within LIFT has meant the design and development stage was reduced significantly, enabling works to start onsite sooner and represent best value for the public purse.

Sewell Construction have been appointed to carry out the works which will be completed in November 2017 ready for the tenants to relocate before the end of the year.

The works will be completed whilst existing GP and community services within the Calvert Centre remain open as usual therefore requiring detailed planning and local management with tenants to ensure no disruption to patient services.