SharedSpace booking system

SharedSpace booking system

SERVICE: Asset & Estate Management
CLIENT: Shared Agenda
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  • Challenges
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As part of the centre management contract for Citycare we manage space within the Hull LIFT estate using a booking system. We found our current system to be limiting in terms of reporting, financial reporting, functionality and flexibility.

A reliable system was needed that was flexible and capable of integrating with our utilisation sensor technology software as well as having the functionality to link up to multiple external databases to offer enhanced reporting.

After researching different systems there was not a product available to match the requirements and this gap in the market led to Shared Agenda to developing their own system called ‘SharedSpace’ and Citycare’s buildings will now see the benefits of having this modern, easy to use new system in place.

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The new system provides utilisation analysis as well as booking management and supports advanced reporting, bespoke to our customer’s requirements. SharedSpace promotes the best use of bookable space by highlighting poor or unauthorised use and allowing space bookings to be made for the required length of time rather than on a sessional basis. SharedSpace clearly identifies suitable availability offering exact and alternative matches based on the search criteria making it easy for end users to view and find suitable accommodation for their service requirements.

  • Better system at no extra charge to customers.
  • Works in line with client’s charging terms and conditions, including the implementation of cancellation charges
  • Saves public money as services are only charged for the space they book.
  • Promote and encourage more efficient use of our LIFT Estate and increase utilisation rates to aim for the national target of 85%.
  • Less staff resource required for formatting customer reports.
  • As SharedSpace is our own system we have full control of its developments making it very flexible and easy to tweak or develop future modules.
  • SharedSpace is a unique product not available on the market elsewhere – compatible with a range of utilisation software to allow for automated utilisation analysis.
  • SharedSpace tracks utilisation of booked sessions and unauthorised use to encourage efficient use of space
  • SharedSpace will work on all smart technology such as mobile phones and tablets to make it more user friendly and accessible.

For more information on SharedSpace, please visit:

We have worked with the Shared Agenda team since 2013 and have been using their innovative Shared Space system for over a year now in Hull. The mobilisation of the system, data transfer and training phase was a very smooth transition and we are able to interrogate rich data each month provided by the Shared Agenda team which is helping us to create more capacity in our estate. This, in turn, has started to help other NHS partners in Hull to relocate their services into our modern, fit for purpose estate.
Lesley McGregor, Regional Property Director, Community Health Partnerships
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